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Where to next? Start planning your transition abroad with help from locals

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"Settlu is a great starting point to moving anywhere. I've connected with communities that I otherwise would've missed out on."
Ophelia R
Social Media Analyst
"I've met some genuinely nice local people here in Singapore. Having that kind of supportive network has been invaluable to me."
Ethan W
Clothing Brand Owner
"I moved only 6 months ago and I love it here. I managed to pick the right neighbourhood and rental at a good price. . I'm 5 min drive from Praia do Barril and living my best life!"
Yasmin H
Product Marketing Manager

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If you freelance in relocation or travel industries our platform can help you reach a global customer base and more leads.

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This e-book is a taster guide with over 70 destinations around the world where you can live a great expatriate life post pandemic. The guide offers basic insights that will help jumpstart your expat or nomadic journey.