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FAQs Customers

Absolutely! We encourage customers to thoroughly vet your freelancer before booking. No question is too small. It is better to know what to expect and whether the freelancer has the resources to complete the job to your satisfaction.

No, you don’t have to make your mind up right away. Settlu is for people who are also curious about life abroad. For example, you may book a session with a Relocation Consultant and ask them questions about local issues, like What is the cost of living in Naples?, How do I to start a business in Bali?, What are the best schools in Panama for expat kids? Can I buy property in any part of Mexico?

Ask your freelancer anything you are unsure about. They are local people, they know the area best after all.

You can use our partner payment systems (Paypal, Stripe & ApplePay) or other ways . It is recommended to handle payments on Settlu to avoid scams or additional charges.

Please be advised, Settlu will not liable for any issues you may experience should you choose to deal with transactions out of our platform. 

We do not pay freelancers until the job is marked COMPLETED.


If you decide you’d like to offer relocation or travel services you can change the role in My Profile dashboard. 

If you have an old account you will have to delete your account re-register to access the Freelancer/Customer roles.

Customers can create free profile at no additional cost on Settlu.

FAQs Freelancers

A. We have a route to becoming a freelancer for everyone – whether you’ve got years of experience selling travel, or you’re completely new to the industry. Just mention years of experience in your profile and the qualifications you have. Customers can choose to ask for specific information or book regardless of your experience.

A. Freelancers can create a free account on Settlu.

To post a listing there are three (3) packages available Starter $0, Standard $8 or Professional $15


A. Yes – You’ll have access to professional and effective marketing materials created by our talented team of creatives via our Newsletter. We’re also on hand with plenty of tips on how to market yourself in your local area. If you’d like to discuss upcoming marketing campaigns, please fill in support form here.


A. Yes – Our team is available 24/7 to help and support both you and your clients should an issue arise either pre-moving or afterward. The majority of our Support Team are available during traditional office hours, with limited members of staff available in the evenings and on weekends as well. So please expect your query to be responded to within 72hrs.

Please also note, we also have a backlog of support requests but we always try to respond as fast as possible.

A. We all need a break – so rest assured that your business won’t suffer while you’re taking some well-earned time away. Just make sure to block the days you are away on your listings calendar. This way customers will know you cannot take bookings. (Calendars are shown in every listing, you may edit yours here).


A. No – You’ll build your customer base from your personal network and through referrals. This ensures the quality of the leads, rather than wasting your time with ‘cold’ leads.

We suggest that you compile a list of family, friends and other personal contacts who you feel comfortable will support your new venture.

You’ll receive our full support to help you nurture a loyal customer base, promote your business and attract new leads.

A. ‘Yes – We encourage our Freelancers to flex our business model and run their businesses in a way that suits them and their customers.

However, we would encourage you to carefully consider the financial implications and repsonsibilties if you decide to do so.


A. In the United Kingdom, an entry level relocation consultant (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of £27,838. On the other end, a senior level relocation consultant (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of £47,858. Click here to see how much you should be earning in your specific country.

Based on our compensation data and research from SalaryExpert, the estimated salary potential for Relocation Consultants will increase 10 % over 5 years.

Your earning potential is completely uncapped, so the more you put in, the more you get out.

A. Yes – Settlu Freelancers set themselves apart from the rest by building personal relationships with their customers and delivering the highest level of personal service and care that can be found in the industry.

It’s our transparent approach to relocation and travel that makes us more than a little different from the rest. You’ll be able to offer your customers an authentic, tailor-made service, creating bespoke, ‘one-off’ itineraries that cannot be found anywhere else, not even on Youtube.

And that’s what keeps customers coming back to rehire. In fact, 96% say they would recommend Settlu to their friends, family and colleagues.


A. No – The vast majority of Freelancers work from home, but you don’t have to.

Some tasks do require meeting with a client if you are a Tour Guide or Airport Services for example.

Remote work is also an option. As long as there is a secure internet connection, you can log on, work and discuss with your customer whether you will meet physically or complete the job virtually.

A. No – We focus on acquiring Freelancers who already have experience in the relocation and travel industries. This means you already know how to do your job & you are equipped with skills and certification. 

We do have a How It Works section to help you get started. If you are a new to freelancing we have resources like Self Promote: 7 Ways To Gain Your First Clients Freelancing.

Additionally we will be adding FAQ videos (coming soon) to help you understand how to utilise Settlu for your freelance business. Any further training is self-guided and heavily influenced to your previous experience.

A. Whilst we don’t set any defined targets, we encourage you to achieve a minimum of 50 customers in your first 12-months.

This is in your own financial best interests and to ensure you are setting off on a path to a sustainable, successful business. Even better is getting repeat customers and people recommending your services. This shouldn’t present a problem if you give your full commitment and follow our advice on best practice.

A. You’ll be paid any time you request a Payout of more than $10 by Paypal or bank transfer, after the job has been marked as COMPLETED.

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